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These companies are using Proceedix to go mobile and digital with their work instructions and inspections.

Glass on the shop floor

AGCO’s Jackson, Minnesota manufacturing team has incorporated Proceedix on Glass for a final factory inspection of a finished product before it is shipped to dealers for consumer purchase. Wearable technology allows the Quality Team to thoroughly inspect tractors hands-free, while improving standards in safety, checklist documentation, issue trending and throughput.

Proactive and mobile maintenance

Philips Lighting Turnhout has implemented the Proceedix platform to render all on-site utility inspection processes mobile. The team is leveraging Proceedix daily for online and interactive asset monitoring, in a lean and proactive way.

Picanol pilots with Proceedix

Picanol pilots with Proceedix to strengthen its assembly operators with mobile and wearable instruction support. Picanol pioneers with these emerging industry 4.0 technologies from its core mission perspective: developing and assembling innovative and reliable high-tech weaving machines.

The operational excellence of a digital shop floor

FrieslandCampina Aalter gives its team leaders and operators the power of Proceedix. The Proceedix mobile platform replaces all paper-based monitoring with online, digital and interactive processes.

Paperless end of line inspections

With the Proceedix software, Atlas Copco Wilrijk Oil-Free Division (oil-free air compressors and dryers) managed to eliminate paper from end of line inspections and during prototype assembly.

Pfizer Puurs pilots with Proceedix on Glass for line clearance

Through step-by-step guidance Proceedix improves workflow efficiency and standardization, providing line operators with the right information at the right time while keeping their hands free for the inspection.

Robot configuration for new products

Metafor experienced an improvement in safety and quality, reduced time for the creation of work instructions, and enhanced interaction between operators and their supervisors.

ATRAC/STAS goes digital

ATRAC/STAS uses the Proceedix app, enabling every driver or transporter to execute quality controls and checklists digitally and on-location.

Service excellence with logistics 4.0

The worldwide distribution center of Scania Service Parts pilots with Proceedix to strengthen its logistic operators with mobile and wearable instruction support. Through Proceedix, dynamic procedure guidelines are now digitally accessible in the blink of an eye, embedding a first-time-right approach for complex logistic flows.

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