Added value of mobile
and wearables in manufacturing

Making your company's procedures and work instructions mobile
will facilitate the execution and improve performance:


reduction of quality-related rework and waste


decrease of administration time and cost


execution efficiency improvement


work execution compliance and traceability

Fast set-up and scale-up

Fast set-up

The intuitive design of the Proceedix app virtually eliminates the need for advanced training. Both the administration platform and the user interface are designed according to the highest UI/UX standards, assuring fast set-up and implementation in your company.

Easy set-up


A Proceedix SaaS subscription allows you to start today. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, that is why we encourage you to pilot digital procedures and instruction support in your organization with a few devices. We are convinced our business case for Proceedix is a no-brainer and your team will soon be calling for more. Our SaaS platform enables us to scale from a few users to thousands of users in no time.

Plenty of use cases

  • Quality control

    Trust is good, but verification is better. With mobile checklists and instructions for quality control on mobile or wearable devices, you never have to worry about whether the inspector used the latest version of a procedure. Proceedix is fully digital and always up to date. Your compliance guarantee is real, not rhetorical.

  • Maintenance support

    Online step-by-step guidance through instructions for repair tasks ensures the right actions are taken in the right order. Proceedix helps technicians get it right the first time, promoting operational excellence.

  • Asset & infrastructure control

    Online procedure instructions are the ultimate tool for asset monitoring and preventive maintenance controls. Proceedix’s interactive control support improves alertness and proves the principle that prevention is better than cure.

  • Human-driven shop floor activities

    In the digital shop floor of the future, operators and team leaders are empowered with instruction support on mobile and wearable devices. Proceedix replaces all paper-based monitoring with online, digital and interactive processes.

  • Field services

    Inspectors can use checklists and how-to instructions to help them perform their complex and diverse tasks in the field. Whether driving to an accident location for an insurance assessment or to a site for infrastructure inspection, Proceedix mobile technology is the key to getting the job done right the first time.

  • Logistic operations

    In a distribution center 4.0 the logistic team relies on mobile technology and smart eyewear. Digital and dynamic procedure guidelines in Proceedix are made available in the blink of an eye, embedding a first-time-right approach for complex logistic flows.

Mobile and paperless

Mobile & Wearables

Proceedix runs on Windows PC and on any Android or IoS mobile device (smart phone, tablet, smart glasses). Workers in the field can access Proceedix at any time, anywhere.

  • Mobile phone or tablet
  • Smart watches
  • Smart glasses
Mobile & Wearables


Executing a procedure in the field is an entirely paperless process, so there are no more copying mistakes, reporting delays or lost documents.

Remote assistance

During the execution of a procedure, your field operator can ask for ‘assistance’ with just one click on his mobile device. The operator can trigger an action for expert intervention and evaluation or he can call for remote assistance.

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Remote assistance

Effective & efficient

Effective and always up to date

Effective and always up-to-date

Thanks to the real-time cloud platform, you never have to worry about compliance issues. Once new procedures are activated on the central platform, all your people in the field will be automatically working with them. Embedded version management guarantees full traceability. Built-in statistics tools improve performance of your organization’s procedure workflow.

Real-time analytics

The built-in statistics allow you to track and improve performance of your organization’s procedure processes. The administrator, the process analyst or the team manager can consult and analyze details of the execution of individual procedures or longer-term trends and statistics.

Real-time analytics

Start mobilizing your company’s procedures, work instructions and checklists with Proceedix

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