These features allow you to create digital instructions and inspections tailored to your manufacturing and enterprise processes

Core Features

Build. Publish. Execute.

Graphical workflow editor

Proceedix workflow editor makes it easy to create instructions and inspections tailored to your processes. Structure tasks with drag & drop and reuse existing content. Use images, videos to illustrate how work instructions and inspections should be executed.

Action management

Automated escalations to instantly resolve red-flag issues or ask assistance from a 3rd party. Proceedix makes it easy to drive the right action anytime, anywhere, even when working offline.

Smart configurator

Conditional and dynamic logic makes it possible to fully customize your workflows. Different paths can be defined, where instructions and inspection can be adapted to operator input. Multiple variants of a procedure are possible, based on a case or subject.

Seamless communication

Connect your teams by creating Mail and SMS notifications. Fully customizable notification triggers based on inspection and instruction execution states.

Full audit trail

Full audit trail of the user execution history. Proceedix logs time and case for each task executed. Optionally Proceedix can also track location.

Skill-based instructions

On-the-job training for shop floor workers, giving them the necessary information to execute tasks first time right. Make information optional or required for each task.

More features

Version management

Keep track of all previous versions of any work instruction & inspection. Follow-up on changes made by which editors.

Offline mode

Work anywhere with offline mode and keep your teams moving, even in areas of low connectivity.


Schedule the right task to the right person at the right time. Assigned tasks will appear in the users' To-Do list.

Role-based access

Manage users, teams, domains, roles and permissions from one central admin panel.

Keep track of each execution

Monitor all planned, on-hold, cancelled and finished executions through our customizable history overviews.

Always up-to-date

The operator always has access to the latest version of the inspection and instruction. Available in no-time at every location.

Transfer for approval

After finishing the instruction or inspection, transfer it to the team leader to sign off

Global workflow

Share procedures over multiple production lines or departments, while keeping a global overview

Keep track of open actions

Overview available that gives you a list of all open tasks. Assign inspections to specific users or complete team.

Digital sign-off

Inspections can be digitally signed by operators and team leaders.

Data insights & analytics

Analyzing the execution based on custom reporting and BI Dashboards to improve your data-driven decision making.

Device agnostic

Proceedix can run on multiple operating systems (Android, iOS and Windows) and devices (PCs, smartphones, tablets and smart glasses).


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