Prescription lenses for Google Glass finally available

One of the new 4 frames for Glass that are ‘prescription lenses ready’

The current inability to use Glass with prescription lenses has been a widely discussed problem ever since Glass was launched. It made Glass useless for a large part of the potential users – unless they were prepared to start wearing contact lenses.

But now Google has come up with a solution for this problem: a new series of ‘add-ons’ for the current Glass Explorer Edition, called the ‘Titanium Collection‘ now also features 4 frames that can contain your prescription lenses. That means that you need to purchase one of the dedicated frames that Google is offering: you cannot re-use your existing glasses with prescription lenses. And it will cost you  money to buy new prescription lenses. On the other hand, these dedicated frames are really well integrated with Glass – so you won’t look ‘silly’ by having to clip Glass on your glasses.

Looking ‘normal’ seems to be very important in this ‘make-over’: Google  stresses that besides prescription lenses, this new Titanium Collection also gives you a ‘new look’: less nerdy, less invasive & more trendy. Do you think this new look will help looking Glass users more ‘normal’ ?