Proceedix at Secura Fair: construction industry 4.0

Peter Verstraeten (CEO Proceedix) was invited by Besix to the Secura fair to demonstrate smart glasses to a wider audience. During his presentation, he focused on the impact of new technologies on the construction industry. Two characteristics set construction apart from other sectors: the high number of field workers and the abundance of on-site safety precautions. Construction workers typically need both hands to carry out their work. The ever-changing safety precautions and work procedures are nevertheless mostly paper-based. Constantly consulting those papers results in a drop in efficiency, which may in turn lead to dangerous situations.

Two recent innovations will ease the life of construction workers in the near future: smart glasses and software applications such as Proceedix. With smart glasses you can display any information you want completely hands-free. Just imagine the possibilities. When a construction worker faces a problem he cannot solve, he can activate the remote assistance feature and live-stream the situation. The expert will be virtually present everywhere, while staying in one place. Smart glasses will revolutionize construction work, while saving time and costs. However, smart glasses don’t come with the necessary software. You still need an application to show your work procedures and safety precautions on your smart glasses. Software that ideally allows you to easily manage multiple checklists and live-stream emergency situations. Proceedix is one of these software solutions offering a SaaS platform to manage digital work instructions on mobile and wearables. Updating and tracking of written procedures and checklists will quickly be automated too. The digital revolution in the construction industry is imminent; the train has already left the station.