Remote assistance: virtual collaboration with a distant expert

The new remote assistance feature in Proceedix makes it easy to support field workers even in complex, multi-site, distant locations.

Proceedix makes it easy to provide support to your field workers, even in complex, multisite production environments. 

Support with Proceedix is very simple. Your field operator can ask for 'remote assistance' in carrying out a procedure with just a single click on a mobile device. Your central expert receives a call with the request for help. 

When both are connected, the central expert can see what is happening at the remote location in real time, can speak to the field operator and give real time advice and feedback. The central expert can take pictures or video of the remote situation. The conversation, recorded images and videos are registered on our cloud platform and are automatically logged in the procedure history. 

The remote assistance feature in Proceedix offers many advantages: 

- (faster and more efficient service): your field operators can deliver faster and more efficient service on location. 

- (saves money and time): your senior expert can help multiple operators from one central location with no need to travel to problem areas.

- (better documented procedures/ greater transparency and compliance): problems and difficult interventions on site can be documented with no extra work. 

Proceedix not only guides your operators with mobile, paperless procedures, it also offers you the ultimate support solution for your field worker: virtual collaboration with a distant expert.