Your procedures, work instructions and checks finally made paperless and mobile

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Proceedix is a platform to manage enterprise procedures, work instructions and inspections in an easy way, while making the remote execution paperless and mobile.

Proceedix changes the way your operators execute work instructions and procedures: anytime, anywhere, on Android or iOS phones and tablets, Windows PC and smart glasses

How does it work?

Authoring platform

Define the flow of your business processes on the Proceedix admin platform and grant execution permissions to authorized users and user groups.

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Execution devices

Authorized users run Proceedix on their smartphone, tablet, PC or smart glasses. Step by step, the Proceedix app guides them through the workflow. All execution details are automatically logged.

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reduction of quality-related rework and waste


decrease of administration time and cost


execution efficiency improvement


work execution compliance and traceability

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Why Proceedix?

Our mission is to add value to manufacturing and distribution enterprises by making work instructions and inspections mobile and digital. That's why we created Proceedix, a digital SaaS-platform where companies can transform enterprise procedures, SOP's, OPL's, work instructions and checklists from paper to digital. The advantages are numerous: less paperwork, improved quality, fewer safety errors, hands-free execution of complex tasks, remote assistance from a distant expert, no more compliance issues, better and faster data on executed work. The Proceedix tool can truly help to create the smart operator in your enterprise.

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