Meet our dedicated team

Proceedix is developed by a team that is profoundly dedicated to the paradigm shift of industry 4.0, the connected worker and the smart enterprise.

The Proceedix DNA

Our inspiration

Focus and simplicity ("Thanks Steve")

Our delivery principle

Trust is built with consistency (Lincoln Chafee)

Our aspiration

To make choosing Proceedix for your business case a no-brainer

Our strength

Engineers at work

Our drive

Always room for improvement, innovation paves the way

Our core competence

Understanding enterprise while mastering digital technology

Our strategy

Product Leadership

Our weakness

Engineers at work

Our mission

We leverage cloud computing and mobile and wearable technology to offer state-of-the-art human-driven procedure and instruction support. Our goal is mobilize people and enable them to handle even their most complex processes away from their desks.

Meet the team

Proceedix, a SymphonyAI Industrial solution

Digital Manufacturing

Manufacturing &

Connecting Devices,
Processes, People &
Applications IIOT &
Workflow Orchestration
Process Optimization

Plant Performance

Prescription &

Vibration Condition
Process Optimization
Asset Performance

Connected Frontline Worker

Work instructions &
Inspections Digitized

Wearable Technology

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