A Proceedix subscription includes:

A subscription to the Proceedix SaaS package gives you access to the administrator platform and the Proceedix app, as well as customized support by one of our product experts.

Administration platform

Your administrator receives access to a dedicated, private and secure company environment on the Proceedix platform on which to create and administer company procedures and user authorizations. Private cloud or on-premise configurations are available for large scale implementations.

Proceedix app

Your users can download the Proceedix app on their mobile or wearable device and start executing the procedures they are authorized for immediately.

Expert support

Depending on the type of subscription, we provide customized support and expertise for your digital transformation journey.

How to get started?

Starting a Proceedix project in your company is easy and fast. Our 2-step approach gives enterprises the chance to experience the real added value of Proceedix before implementing on a larger scale.


Step 1: Experiment

The Proof-of-Concept (PoC) phase provides you with documented evidence that Proceedix supports your business goals and makes it possible to experience the ‘lean’ and ‘first-time-right’ advantages of mobile and paperless work instructions and procedures.


8-12 weeks

Software subscription

3700 €/$ for up to 25 users, max 12 weeks

+ Implementation support

3-6 days

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Step 2: Implement and scale-up

In this phase, Proceedix is rolled out to more users, more work instructions, more plants or production lines. Two implementation models are possible: fast and standard as a service, or customized and adapted to large enterprise organizations.

Standard SaaS

Subscriptions, e.g.:
- Small plant or department up to 25 users: 1250 €/$/month - Medium plant up to 75 users: 2500 €/$/month

Proceedix implementation support (2-10 days/plant)

Standard Proceedix cloud platform


Corporate license of group SaaS:
Quote on demand

Implementation support: customized proposal

Private Cloud platform or On Premises

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